Stevie lane

A remodeled 1930’s cottage

Location: Lockhart, TX
Builder: RedOven Property Solutions
Designer: Raul Baeza
Structural Engineer: Okkem Design
Photography: Definitive HDR Photography

A Timeless Transformation: A 1930’s Cottage Remodel in Lockhart, Texas

In the heart of Lockhart, Texas, a hidden gem emerges from the past – a meticulously executed gut remodel of a 1930’s cottage. This project is a testament to the adage that design should be bound only by the limits of imagination, not budget, and it’s a beautiful reflection of the designer’s commitment to preserving the character of established neighborhood.

The primary objective of this remodel was to breathe new life into the vintage charm of the 1930’s cottage while maintaining its original shape, structure, and size. This approach was carefully chosen to ensure that the home seamlessly integrates into its historical neighborhood, preserving the architectural heritage of Lockhart.

What truly sets this remodel apart is the designer’s unwavering dedication to pushing creative boundaries. This project is a canvas where budget constraints were not allowed to limit innovation. It showcases how, with the right vision and expertise, a transformation can be nothing short of extraordinary.

In Lockhart, where the beauty lies in the simplicity of life, the remodel embodies an understated elegance. It’s a home where every design choice is deliberate and purposeful, resulting in a space that is not only visually stunning but also a joy to live in.